Introducing our new Reports feature – discover trends and insights in your experiences

Released October 2022

HR teams are becoming increasingly data-driven, and keen to see the bigger picture impact of their programs. Dado's new Reports feature helps them do just that, by presenting overarching insights from all the Experiences they're running and letting them drill down into the details.

Find these reports under 'Reports' in the top navigation. In our Overview report, you'll be able to see overviews of what Dado has been doing, how many employees have been involved in Experiences, and estimates of how much time you've saved. In the Tasks report, you can dig deeper to understand which parts of your Experiences are performing well, and where you might need to intervene to boost engagement.

This is just the beginning for reporting in Dado, so watch this space for future developments.  We've already received some great suggestions from our beta-testers, and we'd love to hear your ideas too.

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